17 June
3 June

New updates

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New projects from various clients: SuRI, Healtcare Agency, KarmaDharma and others.




2 March
3 February

New title from march 1st: CDO @ Orango

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Ive got a job as CDO at Orango.nu.
Can’t wait!!

31 January
21 January

Adaptive VS Responsive Webdesign

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An interesting article on the diference between adaptive and responsive webdesign – and which one’s best for you.

14 January

Launching ‘Karneval’ on BR

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We’re launching karneval sites on dk, no and de … Sweden and Finland doesn’t celebrate karneval.

Go and visit http://www.br.dk/Fastelavn

9 January

LEGO The movie competition

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I just published LEGO The Movie special page with trailer and competition on BR Sweden. Today follows BR Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries will be live during the week.

See LEGO The Movie page here

4 January

My new scanner

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came today YAY! So now i can draw and scan and work without have to think about taking to stuff to the scanner at work.

just drew my own logo, you can see the finished result top left

2 January

Back again

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I have thrown all the old banners out, and put some fresh new banners and tickers up on BR and ToysRUS on all 6 contries.

Screenshot 2014-01-02 20.53.28