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VEM is baseline by the push of a button

Why is VEM awesome?


VEM doesn’t require specially trained staff

Easy to demonstrate quality assurance to government administrations

We offer an application which performs automated and continuous version control by the push of a button

Less Non Conformities based on unintentional changes


Compares formats and parameters across versions and deliver standardized reports.

Locate and display deviations

Realtime surveillance of critical parameters (criticality functionality incl. ranges)


Automated real time surveillance

Automated compares can be scheduled directly in the dashboard

security against tampered data

is the online version different from the current version? VEM alerts if there are deviations.


Backup functionality

Quick restore

Awesome extra features

Easy set-up with short implementation time

Works on small and large systems, scalable

Various computer systems and automation can be maintained by VEM

developed for pharma but all industries can benefit an easy and precise version control tool.

Access to audit trail data

Save time on baseline activities