ADesign System

is a library of

When all adhere to the same library

  • Development process speeds up
  • Unified user experience across platforms, devices and systems
  • All components are tested and approved, prior to launch

My responsibilities

  • Art Direction
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Ensuring WCAG 2
  • Prototyping in HTML
  • Browser-testing

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The designs are a product of a collaboration between UX-designers, developers, PO's and external stakeholders.

Most development within the state is mandatory implementations of laws, i.e. Accessability-guidelines.

However the Design System (DS) is an internal wish within the Tax Governmental Organisation for reasons mentioned above. This gave us some freedom to prioritize our build.

My job as AD'er is to

  • Adress demands and translate them into components or guidelines in DS
  • Ensuring that components are in sync with existing content in DS
  • visualizing ideas and make them ready for development

Designs could come in many sizes, from components to general art direction.

General art direction could be guidelines like this:

design guidelines

To design of a nav bar wizard component

navbar wizard

To templates for campaign pages

screenshot of campaign page template


I've collaborated in defining and later visualizing an extensive list of standards.

From flowcharts on how to use the Design System

example of flow chart from Design system

To widths and layouts

layout example

And placement of components

example of placement of components


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