The Danish Customs and Tax Administration (Skatteforvaltningen) consists of seven specialised agencies each responsible for its own key assignment.

Next to it's one of the largest public sector sites in Denmark with 16.000 pages and approximately 30M views per year. I’ve been designing and building on for over 7 years. So it's hard to map all the changes I've made. But here I'll focus on a few impact points.

transport box Example of a transport box

Transport boxes and transport pages have shown to be very successful when dealing with a large amount of pages and long page titles.
Instead of a dropdown menu where space can be limited, transport pages can have very long names and thorough descriptions and an infinite amount of subpages.

See a typical transport page


Example of shortcuts (Genveje) on

Even though shortcuts are more visually pleasing and gain a lot of interest with the organisation, they perform on average 200% less than the transport boxes above. A few takeaways from these are that design is not everything, placement matters, above or below the fold matters.

Visit frontpage

decorative subpages

decorative infographics

Example of an HTML-infographic on

Infographics are a great way to supplement text when dealing with complex tax information.

I’ve made a large amount of infographics in html. This is making them readable for screen readers, suitable for all screen sizes, text can be edited for colleagues without drawing software

See a typical landing page with infographics


  • Art Direction
  • UI design
  • UX design
  • Build in bootstrap